Keep It Up, Folks!

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There’s a cadre of nitwits out there who’ve apparently never heard of Nuremberg, They churn out articles on the TSA they ought to entitle, “Don’t Blame the Camp Guards for Just Doing Their Jobs,” with a subtitle of “It’s All the Stupid Passenger’s Fault for Wanting To Fly in the First Place and Then Not Bothering To Memorize TSA’s Nonsensical and Endless Rules.”

Today’s example in The Oregonian offers this encouragement:

“[Passengers] also can be rude. Every officer [sic for ‘TSA thug’] has heard some version of the same rant: This is stupid. You’re a fascist. Even off-duty, free from the dark blue tops and gold badges, they brace themselves when new acquaintances ask where they work.”

Tremendous, guys! The best way to abolish the TSA after boycotting commercial airlines is to socially ostracize the goons it employs, the reincarnated Nazis stealing our taxes to molest us.

But back to The Oregonian:

“‘There is a certain apprehension and maybe misunderstanding about what we do,’ said Pualani Cardines, who trains officers.” Love it! Because we call sexual assault “sexual assault,” we “misunderstand” when we’ve been sexually assaulted! If that blessed day ever arrives when we’ve extirpated the State from the earth, where, pray tell, will we go for laughs as good as this?

Pualani the Pervert continues:

“‘Anyone who feels like they’ve had a bad experience, or maybe just read about someone else’s bad experience, walks in braced for the worst.'”

So the anti-TSA campaign is a success! Congrats! Let’s not only keep it up, let’s intensify it!

11:33 am on December 13, 2010