Justin Raimondo on the Latest Cato Broadside

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Writes Justin: From Volokh:

“Last year, [Koch-allied board members] used their shares to place two of their operatives — Kevin Gentry and Nancy Pfotenhauer — on our board against the wishes of every single board member save for David Koch. Last Thursday, they used their shares to force another four new board members on us (the most that their shares would allow at any given meeting); Charles Koch, Ted Olson (hired council for Koch Industries), Preston Marshall (the largest shareholder of Koch Industries save for Charles and David), and Andrew Napolitano (a frequent speaker at Koch-sponsored events). Those four — who had not previously been involved with Cato either financially or organizationally — were likewise opposed by every member of our board save for Gentry, Pfotenhauer, and David Koch. To make room for these Koch operatives, we were forced to remove four long-time, active board members, two of whom were our biggest donors. At this moment, the Kochs now control seven of our 16 board seats, two short of outright control.”

The Crane Machine is telling everyone the Kochs are putting non-libertarians on the board, but why Is Judge Napolitano a “non-libertarian”? Also, Ted Olson may be a right-winger, but he is the leading legal advocate on behalf of the gay marriage crusade. So this propaganda about how it’s a “hostile takeover” by “social conservatives” is nonsense.

The real issue in this dispute has yet to come out, but I suspect — as Murray titled his article in the Lib. Forum so many years ago — “It Usually Ends With Ed Crane.” It’s all about Ed — his leadership, his beneficence, his infinite wisdom.

Notice how Taylor declines to tell us who are the board members who were forced out.

2:09 pm on March 4, 2012