‘Justice Memo Authorized Killing of Al-Awlaki’

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Oh, then it’s OK. The prosecution said he was guilty. BTW, on a slightly different point, are we really supposed to think that murdering an American is worse than offing some guy not claimed by Uncle Slam?

UPDATE from John Poindexter:

“You raise a great point, that we shouldn’t be any more outraged over the murder of an American than of a citizen of any other country. Up ’til now the usual retort from Neocons, when challenged on torture, unlawful detention, etc., is that the victims “don’t have rights under our laws because they’re not U.S. citizens.” Now that the victim(s) would seem to have rights, according to that Neocon logic, we’re told they still don’t have rights, ’cause the DOJ says they don’t, or they appeal to the catch-all, and thus meaningless, “terrorist” label.

“Thanks for offering a place to get away from all the state-worship.”

9:04 am on October 1, 2011