Just Deserts?

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I have put a question mark and not committed myself so some don’t accuse me of being insensitive and hateful. You decide. A SWAT team cop, Adam Sowders, was killed by Hank McGee as he was trying to carry out a no-knock warrant “issued the day before by a judge who had been persuaded by an informant that McGee was growing marijuana inside his house, and that he had a cache of rifles and pistols there as well.” McGee thought he was being robbed. A grand jury declined to indict him for murder. The dead deputy had previously “told the judge that giving McGee advance warning of the raid would be ‘dangerous, futile, or would inhibit effective investigation.'” This cop was killed trying to stop a victimless crime. You can be sure that he would have killed McGee if he had walked in on him and saw him standing there with a joint in one hand and a gun in the other. If you have the slightest doubt whatsoever then read Will Grigg for about 30 minutes. But the cop was just enforcing the law. Yes, just like those who rounded up Jews in Germany were enforcing the law.

The drug war is pure evil. Why do conservatives and constitutionalists support it? The war on drugs is a war on freedom.

8:39 pm on March 8, 2014