Just Another “Support the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex” Rally

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That’s what Glenn Beck’s August 28 “rally” at the Lincoln Memorial will be, he has announced.  Joining him will be Sarah Palin, fellow pro-war neocon, and presumably thousands of other pro-war sheeple.  It will be a “salute to the troops,” they say.  Of course, when propagandists like these say they are saluting “our troops” they are trying to censor criticism of the Washington establishment and its foreign policy by equating criticism of them with criticism of your neighbor’s young son or daughter who, in good faith and a feeling of patriotism, joined the army. 

Beck started out months ago talking about this rally in very libertarian terms, quoting Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.  But, alas, it’s turned out to be just another staged neocon warmongering festival designed to pull the wool over the eyes of the booboisie once again.

9:37 am on July 28, 2010