JP Morgan’s Q&A Tweet-Up Disaster

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JP Morgan decided to host a monthly Q&A Tweet-up with its executives. Anyone can ask anything by tweeting it with the hashtag #AskJPM. Hilarity ensues and the event has been canceled as the tweet-up shows how little regard ordinary people have for these bailed-out plutocrats. A few of the better barbs:

  • “How much blood do your executives consume on a monthly basis?”
  • “Does the sleaze wash off with a regular shower, or do you have to use something special like babies tears?””
  • “What’s it like working with Mexican Drug Cartels? Do they tip?”

2/3 of the 80,000 tweets were negative. Hey JPM, you getting the picture? #AskJPM

UPDATE: Here’s a link to Twitter search with the hashtag embedded for those not familiar with Twitter.



10:29 am on November 15, 2013