Join the Military, Travel the World, Meet Interesting People, and Kill Them

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Only Navy SEAL Chris Kyle didn’t bother to meet anyone before he killed them. As the deadliest sniper in US history he killed his victims at a distance. Said Mr. Kyle:

It was my duty to shoot the enemy, and I don’t regret it. My regrets are for the people I couldn’t save: Marines, soldiers, buddies. I’m not naive, and I don’t romanticize war. The worst moments of my life have come as a SEAL. But I can stand before God with a clear conscience about doing my job.

Doing his job. Spoken just like a worker at the crematorium doing his job.

Thank God Mr. Kyle is now out of the military and has a real job—providing military and law enforcement sniper training.

9:12 am on January 12, 2012