John Walsh and Gun Control

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John Walsh, the host of America’s Most Wanted whose son was brutally murdered in 1981, was recently profiled in AARP’s monthly magazine. In the article, he makes a statement about gun control that is unfortunately very common:

I am for the right to have guns. I’m a gun owner. But nobody needs to own an AK-47. They say these assault rifles are great for hunting. You can’t hunt game with an AK-47. And if you’re a responsible gun owner, why wouldn’t you go through a background check? The only people who don’t want background checks are fugitives, tax dodgers and terrorists.

Sorry, John. Many people who don’t want background checks know that the federal government has no constitutional authority to conduct them. They are constitutionalists and believers in liberty and freedom.

This mentality is exactly what is used to defend the TSA. If you’re a responsible fly, then you shouldn’t mind a TSA anal exam before you fly. Unless, of course, you are trying to hide something because you are a terrorist. My articles on gun control are listed here.

8:27 am on August 11, 2013