John Robertson, RIP

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A heroic legend in libertarian circles, especially among crusaders seeking revolutionary change in the nation’s laws concerning recreational drugs and sexual freedom, has died. Long-time California activist John Robertson collapsed from a heart attack last night while in conversation with Oklahoma activist Robert T. Murphy and Susan Murphy in Point Arena, CA. Robertson, who served as national ballot drive field coordinator for the 1984 Libertarian Party presidential campaign of David Bergland, was one of the most enduring and engaging personalities I have ever encountered. His personal warmth and affection, openness and honesty, were treasured by his friends and intimates fortunate to have known him. In his quiet wisdom and generosity, his great love of nature and freedom, he most resembled Henry David Thoreau, who counseled “simplify, simplify.” John took this profound admonition to heart perhaps more than any other human being since the great individualist.

1:15 pm on May 13, 2012