John McCain Okay with Daughter in Combat

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John McCain is okay with his daughter in combat. Are you? I don’t mean his daughter; I mean your daughter.

When asked about his daughter “serving” in combat after Obama’s State of the Union Address, McCain said: “I have a son in the military, I have another that’s a navy pilot, I have another one who served in the Marine Corps, and I would certainly feel not only comfortable but proud.”

McCain was shot down on his twenty-third bombing mission over North Vietnam and then mercifully held as a prisoner of war for five years. (I say mercifully because he could have easily been executed after being shot down since he was dropping bombs on people. What would most Americans do if a bomber was shot down on American soil?) Does McCain not know what would be done to his daughter if she were to ever be a POW? Surely he cannot be that naive.


4:36 pm on February 16, 2013