John Bolton Predicts: Tea Party Will Be Loyal to the Empire

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Here is John “The Mustache” Bolton’s prediction in the December issue of Standpoint Magazine:

Too many observers simply assume that self-styled Tea Party adherents will advocate massive cuts in defence spending and reducing the American presence overseas. If accurate, this would make the Tea Party little different from the Democrats’ left wing, which refused to acknowledge even Afghanistan as a “good war”, let alone support Bush’s decision to overthrow Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. But it is entirely consistent with conservative libertarianism to believe in both smaller government and strong national defence. The slogan “peace through strength” sustained the Right throughout the Cold War and Barry Goldwater’s foreign policy manifesto was entitled “Why Not Victory?” rather than “Why Not Isolationism?” Tea Party followers are unambiguous about the UN and the secular religion of multilateralism. Across the movement, there is nary a glimmer of support for entrusting more clout to multilateral bodies, let alone anything even vaguely resembling a reduction of US sovereignty. There is, therefore, scant reason to see the Tea Party joining the Left to support a smaller US global role.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid he is right in his prediction.

11:14 am on November 30, 2010