Joel Stein on Who Runs Hollywood

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Also Lew, appropos your link to Joel Stein’s article on “Who Runs Hollywood”—Do you think the LA Times would have published this if an author with the last name of Malhotra or MacDonald had written it? Years ago, a Black friend of mine explained this to me as “in group/out group.” If either Stein or I say that Jews run Hollywood, that’s okay because he and I are Jews. If a Malhotra or a MacDonald makes the same obvious observation, he’s “anti-Semitic.” If anyone reading this thinks I’m wrong, then I guess he or she doesn’t remember the trouble that Marlon Brando got into years ago when he made the same observation on The Larry King Show that Stein makes in his article.

Comedian Steve Martin explains it with humor at the 2010 Academy Awards:

And don’t forget to read Neal Gabler’s terrific study An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood.

12:43 pm on July 6, 2010