Joel Salatin on Twinkies vs Raw Milk

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Here’s Joel Salatin at the 2:50 mark of the video, stating that he thinks it is pretty amazing that we have a government that decides it is perfectly safe to feed your kids ho-ho cakes, Twinkies, and mountain dew, but its unsafe to feed them raw milk.

If you are the kind of person who delights in sniggering at boorish government propaganda, you might enjoy the FDA’s Big Lie on raw milk vs pasteurized milk over at its corner on the web: “The Dangers of Raw Milk: Unpasteurized Milk Can Pose a Serious Health Risk.” Remember that the FDA, a criminal organization that masquerades as a government agency, received its largest budget increase ever in 2009 (for fiscal year 2010), and this increase was dished out in order to fund that criminal organization’s food “safety” initiatives, such as the monstrous HR 2749, the Food Safety Modernization Act. Those initiatives fell under the FDA’s “Protecting America’s Food Supply” umbrella (I do not make this up; see here), which is a large-scale jihad against consumer food choice and farmers and food producers who are not a part of the industrialized, subsidized, favored food machine.

I blogged last week about my attendance at Salatin’s Field Day at Polyface Farms in Virginia. I thought it was incredible that whenever Salatin opened up to the crowd for questions, he made the very clear point that no questions were out of bounds – sustainable farming, government intervention, gay marriage, politics, religion, whatever. He’s willing to put his mind and vision to any and all topics in a manner that is thoughtful yet wholly uncompromising.

Following my blog post on reviewing the Field Day, I received emails from other libertarians who were there, or who had family members who were there at the Field Day. In fact,’s Karen Kwiatowski was also in attendance, and she’s a big Salatin fan. I also received an email from a fella (I will not reveal his identity) who read my review and I paid a visit to his farm – in the same area – where there are more pasteured chickens and grass-fed cattle being raised on techniques and principles learned from Salatin. I brought home a gallon of the good stuff from that Virginia farm, a state where you also need to sell herd shares in order to produce and sell raw milk. Drinking this stuff is, as a friend of mine noted, like drinking ice cream. It is real and untainted milk as nature intended, and the “other stuff” you buy in the store is the result of government’s tyranny sold under the facade of “safety.” My car was loaded with all kinds of contraband moving across state lines back to Michigan: Raw milk, great Virginia wines, and guns/ammo, so it’s a good thing I was able to speed along for 600+ miles undetected.

A few days after the event on my last night in town, I had the good fortune of being seated at a local restaurant (that uses Polyface Farms meat) at a table right next to Mr. Salatin, who was having a meal with friends and family. In talking with him, I discovered he was gracious and and passionate and never about being politically correct or trying to covey a “digestible” message. He is very aware of the Mises Institute, and after hearing him talking about economics and the entrepreneur in his many interviews and YouTubes, I was not surprised. We talked about social media and his potential for using that platform, as well as a few other colorful items. And there were no Twinkies or mountain dew at his table.

7:57 pm on July 17, 2011