Joel Salatin in Time

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In case you missed it a few months ago, this Time magazine piece on Joel Salatin is outstanding. I say that because the writer captures him perfectly, describing him not as a Locavore greenie, but rather, an “agrarian libertarian who wants both Food Inc. and Big Government out of his fields” and a guy who is calling for “a declaration of independence from corporations and bureaucracy.”

I’m a Salatinite, except on the question of extreme decentralization of the food supply. Here I would disagree on some things with Joel and argue that global trade plays a remarkable role in bringing us unique food products that were formerly unavailable, or perhaps just unaffordable. I love Fiji water, Tahini from the Middle East, olive oil from Greece, and mesquite honey shipped from  Arizona. However, the majority of my food staples are bought locally because I know my supplier and I understand exactly how that food was produced.

Additionally, the photographer captured some beautiful images of Salatin and his farm, and those can be found here.

11:52 am on January 15, 2012