Jobs Report Less Awful, Media Declares ‘Recovery Is for Real’

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Back in the thirties, the government used to repeat incessantly that “prosperity is right around the corner.” That’s basically what we get these days. Every time there’s a bad jobs report, the media notes that it was a “surprise increase in unemployment” or some other type of surprise.

By contrast, anytime there is any movement, no matter how small, in the right direction, we are showered with news of how prosperity is right around the corner.

And no, my Republican friend, it has very little to do with who’s in the White House. We’ve been told that things were about the bounce back to “normal” since about five minutes after the financial panic started back in 2008.

Since I was barely able to stomach today’s crowing about how magnificent the recovery is, I wrote up an appropriately dismal response over at the Mises Economics Blog.

9:59 pm on April 1, 2011