Jimmy Carter: Call Off the Global Drug War

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Former president Jimmy Carter joins other establishment luminaries such as former Fed chairman Paul Volker and former Reagan administration secretary of state George Schultz in calling for an end to the global drug war. While most LRC readers may have little in common with these individuals on other public policy issues, on this particular matter we should welcome the fact that elite opinion is shifting in our direction towards a more realistic, sensible, and humane libertarian position. Ron Paul, Peter Dale ScottAlfred McCoy, and many others have repeatedly pointed out the intimate connection between our imperial foreign policy and the war on drugs. I believe we are in the midst of a massive sea change shift of informed public opinion regarding the National Security State, its American empire, and the Fed which enables it all. This bold libertarian synthesis, as put forth magnificently with candor and conviction by Ron Paul, will ultimately triumph.

2:51 pm on June 17, 2011