Jewish French President To Ban French Muslims’ Religious Practice

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Fascist French President Sarkozy (who is part Jewish) wants to ban French Muslim women from wearing full-face veils in public because they “threaten the dignity of women.”

What next for Sarkozy? Banning French Hasidic Jewish women from wearing sheitels (wigs) because he might believe that this “threatens” their dignity?

UPDATE: Talha Rizvi writes:

Thanks for the post on the ridiculous proposal by Sarkozy.

I am a practising Muslim, my wife wears the head cover (through her own choice—she is a convert) and we have family friends in which the wife wears the full face veil. They are pharmacists, educators, have Masters degrees in economics, etc.; they are quite intelligent and capable women—not ‘pets’ trapped in a cage. I know their husbands and have never seen anything but impeccable and honourable behaviour towards their wives.

I have never seen their faces so it could be that they veil because they are drop-dead gorgeous and don’t want unwanted male attention or maybe they were in an accident and their face was horribly disfigured and they don’t want people staring at them for that (Will Sarkozy also force these kinds of women to unveil also?). Perhaps then he will also go after non-Muslim women veiling their faces at the funeral of their deceased husbands—can’t have any show of indignity in front of the dead now, can we?

Does France allow women to walk naked in the streets if they want to? I doubt it. So where do they come up with what they should require a woman to cover and uncover? Could it be, egads, an inheritance from its Christian history? I don’t understand this inconsistency. If a French woman goes into sub-Saharan Africa and walks into a tribe where the women wear nothing but a few necklaces and the chief decides it would be in the best interest of their visitor to be removed from her clothing because cloth is so undignified, would that be looked upon as acceptable practice by Sarkozy and his ilk? Would they just shrug their shoulders and just say, ‘Well, when in Rome…’?

The funny thing is, this will probably have the opposite effect as women (who truly have conviction in veiling) will not leave the house due to weighing both the legal reprecussions and their belief in the after-worldly repercussions. Congratulations, Sarkozy.

The inconsistency of these laws is enough to make one laugh if it wasn’t for the fact that this affects people’s lives.

7:31 am on April 21, 2010