Jeff Knaebel, RIP

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Jeff Knaebel, 71-year-old pacifist freedom fighter in the Gandhian tradition, is dead in India, where he had lived since 1995. For his writings and talks, and his renunciation of his US passport, he had been persecuted by the political police, who work closely with the CIA. “I am killing myself because of cruel incidents in both the U.S. and in India,” Jeff wrote. He had stopped writing for LRC (see his archive) because of the persecution, which he feared would endanger his friends. The police were after him, and getting closer and closer, and he also feared that friends who gave him shelter, as he moved from home to home in secret, would suffer for their acts of kindness, and so he immolated himself in the ruins of an ancient Buddhist temple. His funeral was conducted according to the rites of Hinduism.

11:38 am on January 29, 2011