Jared Cohen, Revolutions, and Social Media

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Daniel, I first heard of Jared Cohen and movements.org just a couple of days ago in two of the hacked Stratfor e-mails, which can be read here. Cohen co-founded movements.org, and the latter link has info on what this organization does. But it does not have information on who supplies the funding for it, or even what the precise goals are. It’s clear that movement.org is about connecting people in resistance movements through digital social media, funding, physical meetings, etc. It’s clear that Cohen has intimate links with the State Department. I’d expect the CIA to have a hand in it, maybe the upper hand, or at a minimum to be on top of its activities.

Cohen visited Gen Next (another vague organization) and their web site says of him:

“Jared Cohen  (born November 24, 1981 in Weston, Connecticut) is a non-fiction author and member of the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff, where he has served since September 2006. Initially brought in by Condoleezza Rice as the youngest member in history, he is politically transcendent and has continued to play an important role under Hillary Clinton.”

“In this capacity, he focuses on counter-terrorism, counter-radicalization, Middle East/South Asia, Youth, and Technology…”

“Cohen has become a specialist in the use of technology to advance American interests throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East and South Asia. In December 2008, Cohen assembled the first ever Alliance of Youth Movements, which was a summit of 21st century movements that relied almost entirely on technology to affect change.”

The Alliance of Youth Movements became movements.org, and it played a role in the Egyptian change of government.

In his bio on movements.org, we read:

“Jared Cohen is the Director of Google Ideas, a new entity at Google aiming to re-frame and act on old challenges in new and innovative ways. He is also an Adjunct Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, where he focuses on terrorism and counter-radicalization, the impact of connection technologies, and ’21st century statecraft.'”

The mention of Google suggests an unholy nexus (fascist in nature) among this major company with access to all sorts of private data and the CFR and the State Department. I think that the CIA is probably in this brew or maybe even have brought it about. It would not surprise me if Cohen were a CIA operative.

We also read in his bio:

“Cohen has traveled extensively throughout Africa, where he examined issues related to democracy, governance, and genocide. He has also conducted research in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, looking at opposition groups, the spread of technology, and interviewing militants ranging from Hezbollah to several Al-Qaeda affiliated groups.”

This tells us that he is a man who is trying to take the “point” ( in military lingo) of identifying and furthering opposition (and revolution) to existing regimes vis social resistance means. Isn’t this something close to Obama’s heart? Cohen is part of the governmental apparatus designed to further U.S. interests in many countries by remaking their governments.

Cohen’s partner in movements.org and Gen Next is Roman Tsunder. He is an advertising expert whose company knows how to reach millions of young people via mobile devices.

These people are after political goals. They are not in it for altruism or because of their love of the younger generation. The phrase that comes to mind is “same old, same old.” That is, after all is said and done, they are thinking in terms of the same old state-run power games in democratic guise but with new faces in charge.

Naturally I strongly distrust them. Cohen, after all, is a buddy and protege of Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton. So I think he is a State Department agent for sure, and possibly a CIA agent. If not, the CIA will have infiltrated his organizations  or be well aware of their activities.

I always say that empire corrupts everything. This to me is yet another example. Social media are being turned to political ends by the empire. I think Google is going to fall into this category. It is simply too big and has too much information not to become a target for the empire and be brought under its control.

12:36 pm on March 11, 2012