Jacob Hornberger on Chris Kyle and the Military

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Army veteran Jacob Hornberger, over at the Future of Freedom Foundation, writes in his blog today about Chris Kyle being killed by Eddie Routh and says something about the U.S. military that needs to be said:

PTSD is the common diagnosis for the many soldiers who served in Iraq and who are now suffering severe mental problems. The diagnosis relates to the stress that soldiers undergo in combat.

I’ve got another explanation for the mental problems suffered by Routh and the other Iraq War veterans: guilt — massive unresolved guilt over the wrongful killing of other human beings.

Since the U.S. government was the aggressor in the war on Iraq, that means that no U.S. soldier had the moral authority to kill even one single Iraqi. Every single soldier who killed an Iraqi or who even participated in the enterprise was guilty of murder in a moral, religious, and spiritual sense.

Read the rest here.

And here is a 2011 USA Today article about guilt and PTSD.

3:51 pm on February 5, 2013