Jack Lew to Maintain America’s ‘Strong Dollar’ Policy

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Says Bloomberg:

No word yet on whether or not Chuck Hagel wants to mainintain America’s foreign policy of strict non-intervention.

Lew has no intention of even maintaining America’s weak dollar policy. Once the plutocracy starts to fear default, Lew will be sure to keep the money creation going 24/7 to make sure his friends get theirs first. The middle classes of course will be left holding a bag full of worthless currency.

But Lew will have plenty of friends in crony capitalism’s end game, as evidenced by this article from Slate economist and Austrian-loather Matthew Yglesias [NB: He’s not being ironic]:


As Ron Paul explains here, currency wars are also a form of protection and essentially a political game not driven by economic reasoning.


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11:24 am on February 13, 2013