Ja, Mein Führer, I Am Loyal

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After all the atrocities the TSA has dished out, I can’t say why this newest indignity dropped my jaw. But it did.

Susan Correa writes an entertaining account of her enrollment in PreCheck, the TSA’s alleged attempt “to speed up the security line at selected airports” that — coincidentally, I’m sure — invades privacy even further with a “background check” and, so help me, fingerprinting. Hey, we’re all turrists in the United Security States of Amerika until we convince Our Rulers otherwise. At any rate, Ms. Correa chronicles the 3 1/2 hours she and her husband waited in one of PreCheck’s “dreary” offices. “Finally,” she reports, “our name was called and we went into the inner sanctum. A middle-aged woman greeted us politely and walked us through the process. It included copying the copies of our birth certificates, swearing allegiance to the flag and showing a valid American driver’s license.” [Emphasis added.]

I suppose we should be thankful they don’t require a blood-oath. But still…

8:06 am on May 1, 2014