It’s Worse than the ACU Thinks

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Congratulations to the American Conservative Union for finally criticizing the imposters who have taken over Neocon Review (NR). The ACU web publication brouht to our attention by Daniel McCarthy bemoans the fact that Neocon Review has not criticized Ted Kennedy lately. True, but it’s even worse than the ACU realizes. Neocon Review HAS spent a lot of time directing its criticisms toward Old Right Conservatives who believe in limited government, i.e., those who believe in the same things the ACU believes in. So far, NR’s bombast has been directed at, Pat Buchanan’s new magazine, and a few other places, but now it will most assuredly be pointed at the ACU as well.

The Neocons are social democrats like Ted Kennedy, which is why they don’t criticize him. They also tend to be crazed, bloodthirsty foreign policy imperialists, which is why they are the enemies of all Americans who value limited government.

12:36 pm on December 10, 2003