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… even if you have the government do it for you.

Here’s the WashPost:

Stocks Soar as Government Dips Into Depression-Era Account

Of course, there’s no money in that “account,” merely an aging slip of paper indicating that your government spent that money a long, long time ago.

Now, “the rich” are being ceaselessly attacked for their greed (Obama would call their stinginess “un-neighborly”). After all, isn’t the government the best channel for charity? (hint: “Government Charity” is an Oxymoron. Charity is either voluntary or it isn’t charity).
Well, greed is a sin. So a Christian accused of that sin might be inclined to be on the defensive.

After all, a Christian certainly doesn’t want to be offensive. So how should he respond to the government thug and his gaggle of hacks who throw “greed” bombs at you when you object to their thievery?

There is a third way, I believe, one that goes to the core truth:

“Stealing is a sin, and yet you propose to commit more of it. I object to that, not because I am inordinately attached to my worldly goods, but because, as your brother in Christ, I am concerned about your eternal salvation. If you continue to steal and then boast about your superior morality – even condemning the victim of your crime for his “greed” — you are lying and stealing, and damning yourself to Hell for all eternity. It is out of love for you and for Christ that I object to your crimes, not out of greed. I do it because your stealing and lying are risking your eternal soul, and I want you to save it, not lose it.”

That’s the way we must regard the thousands, even millions, who applaud theft and profit from it, as long as the government does it for them. We must prayerfully remind them of the Ten Commandments.

Come to think of it, this goes a long way to explaining why so many of them were so anxious to remove them from every public courthouse and legislative chamber. Having “Thous Shalt Not Steal” on display there made them feel guilty.

1:15 pm on September 19, 2008