It’s Official: The NY Times Declares the Snowstorms a Product of “Global Warming”

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The self-proclaimed “Newspaper of Record” now makes it official: these record-breaking snowstorms are the product of global warming. Now, it is true that the Global Warming (GW) Cult has been preaching for years that the lack of snow in recent years in the nation’s capital city also has been “proof” of GW, so now, in the name of Goldstein, they suddenly are making an about face: We are not at war with Eurasia; we are at war with East Asia! Goldstein has tricked us!

I especially like the NYT’s quoting Joseph Romm, whom it calls a “climate-change expert and former Energy Department official” (which means that as a government employee, he was omniscient) who now writes for The American Prospect. Keep in mind that the AP is a socialist publication founded by Robert Kuttner, who believes that only the state can guide us, and that government must make nearly all our decisions for us. So, according to the NYT, one can  be an “expert” only if one not only works for the state, but also is a True Believer in its wondrous powers. So, once again in the climate “debate” (if we can call this government monologue a “debate”), we see the old adage from the Greens, “Heads, I win, tails, you lose.”

7:46 am on February 11, 2010