It’s Not Your Father’s USSA

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Oh no, say it isn’t so! The Department of Homeland Insecurity’s color-coded terrorism alert system might be scrapped because our Terror Alert Czars fear that it has become meaningless to the public. That can’t be! Before you think that this is a move toward less propaganda and more government proficiency, read how this might happen, and try not to roll your eyes until they disappear into the back of your brain:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will appoint a “task force” made up of national, state, and local government experts, possibly including governors and mayors, to examine whether the color-coded system has outlived its usefulness. Bush administration officials who developed and oversaw the system may also play a role. The committee is likely to solicit comments about the alert system from industries affected by it, including airlines and companies that make or ship hazardous materials. The committee will have 60 days to examine the system and draw up recommendations on its future.

5:28 am on July 13, 2009