It’s Not Easy To Like a Candidate

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When you pay attention, he or she almost inevitably turns out to be less than advertised. Take Christine O’Donnell. I was prepared to like her because all the left-liberals hate her. Nor did her appearances on a show I avoided when asked to appear, Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect, bother me. It was a comedy show, and she was on there to be funny. But then I watched her debate the smarmy Democrat Chris Coons on CNN last night. She is a natural on TV, well-spoken, nice-looking, and very likeable—far easier to take than Palin. If O’Donnell loses, and I am not at all sure that she will, she is bound to be offered a job on FOX. Give her the Huckabee show, would be my advice. Unfortunately, she would be an ideological fit as another big-government conservative. When asked what specifically she would cut, after much talk about overspending, she would only mention the “unspent portions” of Tarp and the Stimulus. Thanks a lot. She even said that the Department of Education should not be abolished. As a neocon, she endorses the entire welfare-warfare state. And when it came to warfare, she wanted to step up Muslim-killing,  especially in Yemen and Pakistan. No right-to-life for them from this proclaimed pro-lifer.

3:37 pm on October 14, 2010