‘It’s Just Too Close To Call!’

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I suspect that, by now, the owners of the political establishment have made their selection as to who the next (fungible) president will be, and have programmed the voting machines and computers accordingly. I further suspect that Romney is their selection, due primarily to his having shown a more intrusive and warlike disposition than Obama. Make no mistake about it: Obama is no less willing than Willard to use the violent tools of the state to serve his corporate masters, but like Bill Clinton in his second term, he has become like a wheel spinning in the mud. The owners are anxious to expand corporate-state controls over their subject sheep, and will select the man they see as most capable of bringing about such constraints.

The GOP hack, Haley Barbour, was interviewed on one television newscast, and was lamenting that the current presidential campaign didn’t focus on the “issues.” What issues? What questions divided the Republicans and Democrats? I have no interest in the outcome of a process which amounts to little more than getting to choose between having emphysema or lung cancer. While politicians inform us that there are no deadly weapons or other violent practices that are “off the table,” the political establishment’s treatment of Ron Paul illustrates that the conditions for a free, productive, peaceful, and otherwise healthy society are “off the table.” These are the issues that millions of Americans — most of them in the under- forty age groups — insist on addressing, and no number of Humpty-Dumpty hacks and scribblers can make their questions go away!

Between now and next Tuesday, you will be reminded of your “civic duty” to waste your time participating in this charade. The mass-mindedness upon which political systems depends requires you to reinforce your conditioning by joining in the ritual. You get to select the agencies of your death and destruction, and you had better hot-foot it to your assigned seance gathering voting booth. You might even get together with your friends on Tuesday evening, to watch the announcement of voting results. “Oh!, Oh!, Oh!, this is almost as exciting as watching the “Miss America” pageant!” As I write this blog, television news channels are informing us that the “latest polls” show the race down to a 47–47 division of voter opinions as to these candidates. What else did you expect? “It’s too close to call,” we have been told election-year after election-year, and I suspect that the establishment’s voting machines have been programmed to reflect its predetermined outcome!

2:01 pm on November 4, 2012