It’s Come To This …

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I often look to Cal Thomas as a dependable Christian Neocon bellwether, and today he delivers his usual do-se-do. After cheerily prodding Bush leftward for seven years, Cal now suddenly realizes that the GOP has to move “back to the right.”

Hilarious … he must be afraid of losing some speaking fees (may his prospective audiences be blessed with short memories).

What’s hilarious is, some fellow comments below the article that Bush is “a vain, addled, ignorant clown” — whereupon a professional clown from Texas erupts, and firmly suggests a correction:

“You are almost correct in your assessment of Bush II as “a vain, addled, ignorant clown.” As a former professional clown seen by about 200 million television viewers worldwide, I must say that Bush cannot in any way be equated with even the least practitioner of the high and noble art of clowning. He is more accurately described as a babbling dweller of the cookoo’s nest.”

Eight more months of this. Sigh.

11:11 am on May 20, 2008