It’s All Your Fault, You Impatient Serf

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Orlando International Airport is mulling whether to replace dirty old Uncle Sam’s goons with “private” “security.” Maybe I can help ‘em out: it doesn’t make a particle of difference, guys, as I’ve explained repeatedly.

At any rate, “Jerry Henderson, who runs the Transportation Security Administration [sic for ‘Thieves and Sexual Assailants’] in Orlando” tried to persuade the airport’s board to keep him and his sorry predators groping people rather than hiring “private” perverts. To do so, he argued that the TSA’s horrific lines are not horrific. “Some people wait an hour and a half for a roller coaster and not 15 minutes to make sure their flight is safe,” he whined.

And some people work for a living while others mooch off the taxpayers, then have the gall to reprimand those long-suffering meal-tickets.

7:17 am on July 10, 2013