It’s All Over

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I haven’t thought Obama had a chance for a long time, given Republican ability at swiftboating, but his abandonment of the pro-peace, pro-civil liberties portion of the Democratic base, indeed his open warmongering against Pakistan and Russia and refusal to criticize the Bush police state, clinched it. Biden?! Then there was the People’s Temple last night, followed by McCain’s brilliant pick for VP.

Sarah Palin is smart, articulate, attractive, pro-life, and pro-gun, and was even a Buchananite in 1996. Her political career has been based on fighting Republican corruption. Her ratings as Alaska governor are very high. She has a compelling life story, as they say. Her husband is one-quarter Yupik Eskimo. They have five children, including one with Down’s syndrome, whom they refused to abort. Palin will bring the whole Republican base home, and some Independent and Democratic women. Palin even blunts Hillary for 2012.

Obama: the weeping, worshipping masses last night were the highpoint of your life. Get a DVD to remind you. Meanwhile, the rest of us are stuck with the crazed Liebermanite who is also a very smart pol.

12:30 pm on August 29, 2008