It Was Their Job

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It was their job . . . to kill women and children. An LRC reader writes about meeting the crew of the Enola Gay:

I was able to meet the crew of that infamous mission in my younger years. I remember asking them what it was like to have “pulled the trigger.” They responded to a 15 year old boy in the same way your blog entry states. It was their job, just like any other mission. It was necessary. It did not really sink in to my soul until much later in life what a terrible message that is to send to the youth of our nation. America’s (supposedly) finest from our “greatest generation,” telling a kid that killing millions of people wasn’t about thinking, it was about following orders. Yet we are taught to revere them and hate the Nazis who worked the death camps? I call BS.

Posted with permission.

5:13 pm on August 19, 2014