It Must Be Capitol Hillism

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Writes a friend:

A year ago, the New Republic and Reason Magazine were beginning their drive to destroy the Ron Paul campaign (and you, LRC and the Mises Institute). Now, the New Republic has always been a promoter of the worst sort of statism, so while I dislike it, I was not surprised at Peretz-Kirchik. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at Reason, but during Welch-Weigel era of happy memory, one thing struck me as demonic, especially for libertarians. They quoted and cheered the use of Dr. Paul’s stolen tax records. In some ways, this is even worse than the state itself, which at least has the decency to keep secret what it forces us to cough up. Reason takes property twice stolen and makes it public in order to hurt libertarians! I guess they were drunk on what they hoped would be power, and I hear they have paid the price financially, but not among libertarians, who have never even mentioned it. Shame!

3:59 pm on January 14, 2009