It Might as Well Be a White Flag

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Writes MP:

Chivington justified murdering Indian children with his infamous and callous statement, “Nits make lice.”

When government ‘hounds’ step up their campaign to disarm us I think of the ludicrous spectacle of Chief Black Kettle, who tried to stop the massacre by waving the American flag he’d been given by Washington officials. He’d have been much better off with a Spencer or Henry repeater in his hands.

Black Kettle survived this encounter, as did his wife who herself took nine bullet wounds. Custer, who served the Yankees as well or better than any of their cavalry generals, trampled his honor into the snow destroying Black Kettle’s village subsequently in a surprise attack in winter. Black Kettle did not survive that one. (I’ve often thought that attack was the true, “Custer massacre.”)

From this we can take away as a truism that government promises will not keep your family alive nearly as well as a Spencer repeater will. Or perhaps, an AK-47?

9:48 am on May 2, 2013