It Is the ‘Libertarian Moment’

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I’ll address this subject tomorrow on LRC, and the fact–shocking, I know–that the infamous NY Times article got it all wrong. But here is more proof that it really is our moment: an  attack in the Guardian by an Oxford academic–doubly living off the State as a cancer researcher and physicist–on libertarianism as “anti-science.” Science, you will not be surprised to learn, consists of spending projects, controls, economic theories, and ideologies that extend State power, and enrich leftist intellectuals. We never had to be dealt with before. Now we do. Statolatry is no longer the defaut position, in the UK or any place else in the world. A system that exalts the use of violence, in foreign and domestic affairs, is yesterday’s barbarism. (And thanks to Mariana Jackson, who sent me the article with the subject line, “Like Wow, Man!”)

UPDATE from Wesley:

I predict (and hope) that one day in the future, perhaps even the distant future, that society, the average man, will refer to the state as a barbaric, antiquated concept tinged with utter contempt and pity in his voice or letter. I’ve also realized that “conservatives,” constitutional Tea Party types are living in the past. The idea of a constitutional republic was revolutionary in the 1700s. But this isn’t the 1700s. We’ve advanced beyond that in the ideas of liberty and of economics. We are the true progressives.

9:27 am on August 29, 2014