Israel Continues Its Anti-Iran Public Relations Campaign

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Give Israelis credit for knowing how to create slogans and hammer them home at many levels. Give them credit for skilled public relations campaigns. Last week there was the Herzliya conference on strategic affairs that produced many headlines. Today, it’s the deputy prime minister visiting Ohio where he used the slogan “point of no return” in reference to Iran. This slogan appeared even in September 2010 in an Atlantic piece written by Jeffrey Goldberg. I have not traced down its origin, but it runs right along side another slogan which is “a threat to Israel’s existence”, also in reference to Iran. Both these slogans are false and misleading.

AIPAC exercises public relations skills constantly. Some in-house documents from its predecessor, the American Zionist Council, are available due to Senate hearings held decades ago and chaired by Senator Fulbright. One can read excerpts or the documents in full by clicking on the links to the left. Then one can understand how it is that interest groups conduct systematic and thorough public relations campaigns at many levels of communications in order to influence public opinion.

7:56 am on February 16, 2012