Isolationist, My Eye

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Of course, Ron Paul is way ahead in the worldwide online poll asking foreigners whom they’d elect. The international community wants America to lead by example, not by brute aggression, and to again be a beacon of peace and liberty, though brighter than ever before. True internationalism means respecting universal rights, but understanding that coercive globalism, imperialism, centralism, colonialism and world government are not the answer, but part of the problem. You believe in the human rights of all people everywhere? You understand that it is not the role of any one state, including the US, to lord over the whole Earth under the guise of planetary protection? You want the US government to defend America first and stop being the world’s bully? Much of the rest of the world does. A Ron Paul presidency would reverse so much of the damage done to America’s reputation by Bush and the neocons. It would mean friendship, honest diplomacy, peace and free trade. It would mean true internationalism, the kind that comes from the free actions of individuals, not the conniving of mercantilist interests and global bureaucrats and hubristic empires. The American people too are beginning to recognize what much of the world already knows: The US government is far too big for its britches, especially in foreign affairs. Ron Paul has helped spread this message and given hope to those who didn’t realize there was a strong anti-interventionist, anti-imperial streak left in the American population. It is time for the US to stop isolating itself with bombings, blockades and bribery. It is time for a Jeffersonian, Constitutional, non-interventionist foreign policy. Ron Paul has been saying this for more than 30 years, and now people are listening. The era of true US isolationism is closing, thanks in no small part to Dr. Paul’s patriotic message which is steadily displacing the belligerent American nationalism that has plagued American society and much the world for as long as any of us have been alive.

Thanks to Michael Edelstein for the link.

12:32 am on December 21, 2007