‘Isn’t It Past the Time . . .

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. . . when we should have already invaded Iran?,” said chickenhawk Sean Hannity to fellow chickenhawk Rudi Giuliani last night on Faux News.  “America’s Mayor” agreed completely of course. Only a fool could disagree, the two bloodthirsty advocates of the mass murder of women and children agreed ever so nonchalantly. I couldn’t stomach watching more than a few minutes of those two, but they probably got around to also proclaiming what devout Catholics they both are while discussing how the Obammunists are trying to force the Catholic Church to give away free birth control and morning after pills to all of its non-clergy employees.

Then this morning on Faux News we learn that — horrors!!!!!!!! — the Iranian government is training women to become Ninjas! There was video of women dressed up in those black pajamas that they wear in those bad Bruce Lee movies where you can hear the dialogue a second or two after the actors mouth the words. Be frightened, booboisie!!

1:23 pm on February 7, 2012