Is There Gold in Ft. Knox?

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Writes Luis Almeida:

“The History Channel’s show “Decoded” recently investigated whether any gold remains in Ft. Knox

“Ron Paul is interviewed via email and is represented in a very positive light. Chris Powell of GATA is a featured expert. Precious metal market manipulation is discussed and how governments benefit from it. One of the most powerful moments comes when they ask a waitress who is serving them breakfast if she knows anything about the gold in Ft. Knox. She says that her mom worked there and told her there is no gold in the vaults and that most locals share that view. Unfortunately, the show doesn’t link the issue of auditing Ft. Knox with the much more important initiative of auditing the Fed.

“The information in the video will be nothing new to LRC readers, but it is such a relief to see the government questioned in the mainstream media that I think it warrants sharing.”

4:19 pm on October 9, 2011