Is the US Getting Its Way Over Korea?

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The US, which promoted the original Korean war–and killed millions of civilians in its attacks–is promoting a second one. For decades, the US has done everything possible to impoverish and starve the people of North Korea (those still alive after socialism, that is). It has run vast nuclear military demos right on the North Korean borders. This is like Mike Tyson’s punching at Rick Moranis, but stopping 1/4 of an inch from an actual hit. It’s somewhat threatening. So what should the empire do? Get out of South Korea and the region, and let the two Koreas settle their own differences. The empire, which prospers through making trouble, has stopped peace movements many times. Peace threatens global domination. And if one is interested in a decent life for the people of North Korea, then targeting its government economically and militarily is the last thing one wants to do. Such tactics strengthen their state’s hold over the people, just as war propaganda and war scares strengthen DC’s hold over us.

BTW, I do not believe that the North, which has the GDP of a small American city, is any threat. But exactly as with prewar Japan, US aggression is capable of making the North feel it has nothing to lose, and perhaps something to gain, by striking out. Let’s pray that this time, the US strategy for yet another mass murder does not work.

UPDATE from Jay Stephenson:

I deployed to South Korea from Okinawa, Japan, when I was in the
Marines a little over a decade ago and can say from experience that
the locals did not want us there.  The Marines were not a welcome
presence in Okinawa either, but it was more vocal in South Korea, to
the point where you’d be asked to leave many stores and drinking
establishments.  Suffice it to say; when we had a lot of downtime in
the field, I started to read a lot of Pat Buchanan.

11:37 am on March 29, 2013