Is the Tide Turning?

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Check out this story from an affiliate of Gannett News – a network that’s not exactly Russia Today but instead firmly in the WaPo’s camp of house organ to the Feds. Yet in reporting on the TSA’s Orwellian “VIPR teams,” the anchor asks whether the country is turning into a police-state. Yes! Actual term used! And rather than the usual puff piece on how VIPR protects us from the State’s ubiquitous boogeymen, the account continues disapprovingly – albeit mildly so.

Meanwhile, twice this week I’ve come across readers commenting on articles in which they scold each other for defending the major parties. Why try to blame NDAA or the TSA or DHS or any of the other catastrophic evisceration of our rights on either Dumb-as-a-Bush Rethuglicans or Obummer’s Demopukes, these folks ask. Why not realize it’s us against the rulers? I expect such wisdom from LRC’s audience, but out there among the sheeple? Whoo-hoo!!!!!

7:14 am on August 8, 2013