Is the Russian Government Filled with Angels?

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Two posts back, I contrasted Washington’s paucity of information on the pro-Russian eastern Ukrainian separatists with that of Time Magazine’s story. Generally, I am criticizing the U.S. government and empire. It just happens that the context this month is Ukraine, where last month it was Syria, Libya the month before and Iraq the month before, figuratively.

My position is that when the U.S. reached its present borders way back in the 1800s, that was certainly enough. That was already enough blood and conquest, fraud and greed, seizure and expropriation. Enough was already too much. It was not enough, however, for the proponents of world empire, and so expansion in one way or another has continued to this day. This expansion has brought with it the expansion of the government and its powers, and this is destroying America. Why do I and others say that the U.S. should stay out of Ukraine and everywhere else altogether? Why do we say that a government cannot be and should not attempt to be a do-good government? It’s because this means unlimited government. That means unlimited applications of government power. That means unlimited bad results.

To criticize Washington is not to defend Russia or the Russian government or to choose sides, such as Ukraine over Russia or vice versa. As a general rule, there are thugs in every government everywhere. The Russian government isn’t filled with angels. Neither is the Ukrainian government. There are governments everywhere and they all behave like thugs because they all use compulsion over numerous unwilling people that happen to fall under the territorial jurisdictions that they have come to occupy. Governments were occupying whole countries long before the Occupy movement decided it liked a few public parks.

2:01 pm on April 26, 2014