Did Israel’s Military Take Its Cue From the U.S. Military?

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Recently I posted a video of U.S. soldiers opening fire on prisoners in a detention camp in Iraq. Now comes a video of Israeli soldiers opening fire on Palestinian prisoners in a detention camp in Israel. (Notice the same glee in the voices of the Israeli soldiers as there was in the voices of the U.S. soldiers in the previous video.)

UPDATE: Scott Lazarowitz writes:

During the 2008–2009 Israeli-Hamas war, “Operation Cast Lead,” the Israelis bombed and severely damaged the Gaza Strip’s water and sewage treatment facilities, and the blockade continues to prevent the Palestinians from repairing that civilian infrastructure, forcing the Gaza population of 1 million to continue using untreated water.

Similarly, in 1991, the U.S. military severely damaged the Iraqi civilian electrical, water, and sewage treatment centers, forcing the Iraqis to use untreated water, which, as reinforced by the U.S.-led sanctions throughout the 1990s, later led to widespread disease and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.

That leads me to conclude that, not only did the Israeli military take its cue from the U.S. military in that regard, but, given that there had been admission that the U.S. military intentionally did that to the Iraqis in 1991 with the intention of causing disease amongst the Iraqis, that the Israelis had intentionally damaged the Gaza infrastructure with the intention of causing the Gaza population to use untreated water, and, with the ongoing blockade, the intention of causing disease and deaths later on.

5:25 am on April 18, 2011