Is the Governor of Nevada a Domestic Terrorist?

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How about U.S Senator Dean Heller of Nevada?  The answer is “yes” according to the radical left-wing hate group known as the Soviet Poverty Law Center.  The SPLC has called all those protesting the bullying and tyrannical tactics of the U.S. (Polit)buro of Land Management – including the governor and the senator — “domestic terrorists.”  They are “terrorists” in the opinion of these totalitarian political hacks because they are protesting the following, according to news reports:

  • The surrounding of a peaceful Nevada rancher’s property with eight helicopters loaded down with snipers.
  • Repeatedly shooting the man’s son with tasers and letting their German Shepherd dogs attack him.
  • Throwing female protesters to the ground and letting the dogs attack them as well.
  • Ordering, at gunpoint, protesters to be confined to a small “free speech zone.”
  • Stealing hundreds of cows from the rancher.
  • Effectively stealing hundreds of acres of the rancher’s property, which his family has ranched on since 1870, by declaring it off limits to cattle grazing in order to “protect” a turtle that environmentalist lunatics all-of-a-sudden claimed to be “endangered.”

It should be obvious to anyone with an I.Q. above 30 that it is the “environmentalists” and their pals at the communistic Bureau of Land Management who are the real terrorists.  It is that sub-30 I.Q. crowd that comprises the donor base of the Soviet Poverty Law Center.

UPDATE:  There are also news reports that the reason the feds want to steal this rancher’s land is so that Nevada Senator Harry Reid and his son can accommodate their Chinese business associates and political benefactors who want to use the land for another Obammunistic corporate welfare scam under the guise of “solar energy.”



10:17 am on April 13, 2014