Is the Antichrist a republican?

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Probably not, but the religious left is correct to note that Bush and his followers are turning American Christians away from the true meaning of Christ, with their corruption of Christianity into a propaganda tool for the welfare-warfare state. According to these left-wing religious scholars, the Biblical accounts of the “antichrist” are intended as warnings against allowing men of power to corrupt the Church by using it to serve man’s ends, rather than the Lord’s. So in that sense it is accurate to say Bush and the religious right are serving the antichrist.

However, it is also accurate to say that the religious left is serving the antichrist by perverting Christ’s teachings that all of us should voluntarily help the less fortunate into a justification for the welfare state. In addition, for all their well-aimed criticisms of Bush’s wars, many in the religious left were big cheerleaders for Clinton’s “humanitarian” wars. Both the religious left and the religious right claim to speak in the name of Christ, but in fact their real god is the state and, like secular liberals and conservatives, their only problem with statism is when “good people” (i.e. their friends,leaders, and paymasters) do not hold the levers of power.

8:08 pm on December 15, 2004