Is Tear Gas A Chemical Weapon?

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Of course it is. For details, see here. That article alleges “that thousands of tons of CS gas were used by the U.S. forces in Vietnam to bring Viet Cong into the open.” Of course, the U.S. used napalm, another chemical weapon, extensively in Vietnam. The U.S. used napalm and white phosphorous (a chemical) as weapons in Iraq. There are numerous reports of the western nations using depleted uranium as part of their weaponry. Here is one of them.

Chemical weapons are, first and foremost, WEAPONS. Death and injury are death and injury, however inflicted. Chemical weapons are notoriously hard to control in a battle, due to wind and other natural factors. Ordinance is easier to aim and fire to kill and maim. The statement by Senator Menendez called for “lethal” arms. He said, “To change the tipping point in Syria against the Assad regime, we must support the opposition by providing lethal arms and help build a free Syria.”

There is a new report of apparent “chemical weaponry” being used in Syria. Information has been and remains limited. The article does not confirm this allegation, and it states that it came from the Assad opposition:

“…dozens of people were afflicted by respiratory difficulties after an apparent overnight chemical attack, according to opposition sources. Video showed victims lying on the floor of a room, breathing from oxygen masks.”

It sounds like tear gas was used.

11:48 am on May 27, 2013