Is Sugar Toxic?

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Tomorrow, April 1st, 60 Minutes will air a segment with Dr. Robert Lustig, “Is Sugar Toxic?” While researchers within the ancestral health community differ on the “toxicity” of sugar, what I find even more compelling than the link between sugar and obesity (and all of the related health disorders) is the link between sugar and cancer. Research has shown that the fuel for cancer is blood sugar as cancer calls use glucose for energy and cell replication.

Here is a New York Times article by Gary Taubes on Robert Lustig, “Is Sugar Toxic?“, and here is an article I wrote about Dr. Lustig, “When the Sugar Police Go Marching In.” I admire Dr. Lustig and his work, however, I oppose his crusade to modify the food habits of Americans via the use of government intervention.

Here is a short preview of the 60 Minutes segment.

7:02 am on March 31, 2012