Is Paula Broadwell an FBI Plant?

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The official story is that she applied to be an agent, was accepted, and then declined at the last moment for another job. But she might have become an undercover agent.

UPDATE from a friend:

Considering the current lengths that the FBI goes through to entrap stooges (AKA “terrorists”) carrying out FBI orders, it certainly would not surprise me in the least to find that they are doing the same thing in this case. If true, the kicker here is that not only are the absurd laws that you and I worry about being used against those that are part of the clique, but the same techniques are also being used (entrapment), only this time instead of a remote bomb they’re using a gal.

Somebody is cleaning house. And I would not be at all surprised to find that this is somehow related to what is currently happening in the ME.

It was entirely predictable that this would happen, that the police state would turn in on itself in political fashion, but it just surprises me that it is so overt. The elite are just as expendable (for political gain) as any Joe Shmoe, especially when they fall into the disfavor of the ruling cabal and their machinations. Of course, none of them take this into consideration until they are kicked out of the club. They’re all invincible … until they aren’t.

12:05 pm on November 16, 2012