Is Obama a Holocaust Denier?

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In his ongoing crusade to crush the Second Amendment King Obama has declared that government tyranny is impossible since “the government is us.”  (Belly laugh; cuss; throw brick at computer screen).

According to this theory, the only way the Holocaust could have happened is if the German Jews agreed to commit mass suicide during World War II because, after all, the Nazi government “was them.”  Hitler gained power when Germany was still a democracy, succeeding President Paul von Hindenberg.  (Thanks to Danny Sanchez for the link).

UPDATE:  Steve C. writes to remind us that, according to the theory of Obamocracy, the 88 American citizens, including dozens of children, who were incinerated by the Clinton administration in Waco, Texas  some years ago must also have been committing suicide since “the government  that murdered them was them.”

And Mark J. writes:  “If we are the government then Bradley Manning should be set free for telling us what we are doing.”

12:11 pm on April 4, 2013