Is Neoconservatism a Terminal Disease?

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I don’t know if he’s schizoid or bipolar, but it looks like psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer could use a shrink. Of course, pathological contradiction is a central ingredient in the neocon dialectic, but this is ridiculous. Last week, Krauthammer cheered Obama as the newest player in the beltway’s revolving door, embracing George Bush’s wars and making them “legitimate” (apparently they were illegitimate until the Messiah gave them his blessing). Hurray for Obama, who had the maturity to repudiate his antiwar campaign themes and continued the American wars to surround Israel’s latest enemy, Iran.

Ah, but that was last week, when Oceania was allied with Eastasia. Well, this week the correlation of forces have shifted. Oceania is now allied with Eurasia, and Eastasia is our enemy. And what has turned last week’s reality upside down? Why, Joe Biden has criticized Bibi Netanyahu!

Dr. Krauthammer appeals to the “63 percent of Americans who support Israel.” Very well, there should be no problem, then, in making a security treaty with Israel, which the U.S. has never had. With such broad-based support, the president could sit down with Bibi and Hillary and Joe and write one up, with the particulars that such treaties require, and send it to the Senate for advice and consent of two-thirds of senators present and voting. I wonder, why don’t they? It would make our “alliance” constitutional, wouldn’t it?

And since Dr. Krauthammer observes that the revolving door syndrome confirms that both parties support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, why not make those constitutional too, with a Declaration of War (with the troubling little detail that we’d have to name an enemy).

While he praises the revolving door, Dr. Krauthammer has no praise for the Constitution. Perhaps that will come next week. In the meantime, physician, heal thyself.

8:17 am on March 20, 2010